Catered To Los Angeles Home Owners

Throughout the year we also estimate, schedule and manage larger scale repair of improvement work on your home. In addition, we can manage housekeeping staff, gardeners and pool contractors. A dedicated home manager is on-site when work is being done and manages contractors’ schedules, estimates, invoices, and negotiations.

Cost depend on contractors’ rates. We do not upcharge our clients above a contractor estimate. Our contractors are vetted, licensed, and insured.

*Cost depends on the property’s square footage.

Who Is This Service For?

This service is perfect for people who want to simplify their lives during larger home renovation projects, or are too busy to manage maintenance and contractors throughout the year.


  • Kickback & Relax
    • Home Maintenance can be extremely stressful, get a dedicated home manager to handle the project for you.
  • Get A Better Deal
    • With our expertise and network in the field we’ll find the best solutions at the best price.
  • One Point Of Contact
    • Tired of juggling 3 or more vendors involved in your home maintenance? Simplify your life with one dependable point of contact.

If you would like to hire Essential Home Maintenance for repairs or other types of home improvement we offer the following services:

  • Dedicated Personal Home Manager
  • Quick Response
  • Preferred project manager
  • Consolidated Invoicing
  • Access to our fully insured and license contractors
  • In-house vendor scheduling
  • Project Oversight
  • Preferred Scheduling
  • Home Analysis & Cataloging
  • Safe, secure and private record keeping
  • Home watch services when out of town
  • Personal assistant services