Monthly Subscription includes a dedicated Home Manager to run errands for materials, ongoing digital home software updates, contractor negotiations, estimates, invoices, payments, researching & scheduling.

Subscription also includes monitoring the home, conducting inspections, tests, making adjustments, part replacements and cleaning, performed specifically to head off problems before they occur.

*Cost depends on the property’s square footage.

Who Is This Service For?

This service is perfect for a busy individual looking to have a professional completely manage their home care.

A Word From A Monthly Subscription Customer

As a business owner and father, time is precious. Looking for ways to save time taking care of our biggest asset, our home, I came across Patricia, owner of Essential Home Maintenance (EHM). Their method for managing a home is well thought out and proactive. From the beginning, we started with documenting our home, working together on items to be done during scheduled maintenance, as well as the discussion of future home projects. I couldn't speak more highly of the monthly subscription package."

Steaven CPrincipal - CNS Imports


  • Set It & Forget It
    • Focus on enjoying your home, we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Constant Monitoring
    • We catch potential problems before they become disasters.
  • Get A Better Deal
    • With our expertise and network in the field we’ll find the best solutions at the best price.
  • Cancel Whenever You Want
    • Unexpected financial roadbump? No worries, we offer packages where you can pause or cancel whenever you’d like with a 30-day notice. 

What’s Included?


A thorough external and internal inspection of the home is conducted by a service technician and a home maintenance manager.

  1. Detailed measurements and photos are taken of the home’s interior and exterior including all equipment, systems, and appliances.
  2. Our technician and home manager inspect the home and generate a report that includes any immediate concerns that need to be addressed with the client.
  3. The home manager will enter all the data, photos & documentation on the HomeZada software program. You will then be able to manage home repairs on your own or have the option of having EHM manage it for you.


Manage your home maintenance online or downloaded the HomeZada app and track home from your phone.

  1. The home manager will input all of the equipment, appliances and systems found in your home that needs to be maintained into the system. How and when to schedule maintenance will also be included.
  2. A maintenance schedule will be set up to send reminders when maintenance is due, annually, monthly, bi-monthly, etc.
  3. The manager will input and organize all property contacts, warranty information and home documentation including photos.